Partner Engineer

Software Engineering · Full-time
Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2023

As a Partner Engineer, you will be both a core software engineer and the chief technical point of contact for our customers. In this role, information will flow in both directions: you will be helping our customers with onboarding, support, and feature discovery, as well as collecting feedback and insights to incorporate into the product.In addition to customer facing responsibilities, you will also be working full-stack across our product. In particular, designing clean APIs and stable/scalable systems to keep our customers happy.Note: This role will involve an on-call rotation to respond to outages and communicate fixes to customers.The following skills will be essential for the role:

  • Previous success in a Customer Success/Partner Engineering role.
  • Communication Skills - You will regularly interact with external engineering teams using our product.
  • API Design - Based on the feedback you receive, you will need to design and build the APIs that our customers use in a scalable and extensible way.
  • General Software Engineering - You should be an effective, self-directed programmer. You should be able to handle basic bug fixing and outage handling/routing.

Nice to have:

  • Scalable/Cloud Infrastructure Architecture and Design - Our product is designed to serve terrabytes of data to multiple customers that rely on us for end-user experiences. You should be able to design and implement systems which can efficiently scale and gracefully fail over.
  • Database Design - We use a variety of databases to power various queries for our customers. You should understand the tradeoffs between different types of databases and how to leverage their strengths.

Our tech stack:

  • Kubernetes
  • GCP Pub/Sub (Kafka)
  • Postgres, TimescaleDB, Elasticsearch, Bigtable, Redis
  • Node/Typescript, Rust, Java is an equal opportunity employer.