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We're a company that's led by devs and building for devs. Our experience runs the gamut from scrappy Web3 smart contract development to building infrastructure and products at the largest Web2 companies. We've understand what makes Web3 special, but also where there's room to grow. By providing robust, fast, and easy to use infrastructure for Web3 developers, we believe we can benefit the entire ecosystem and bring more users into the fold. Instead of spending valuable developer time on complex backend infrastructure, let us handle it for you. These are just some of the features we're launching with. There'll be plenty more soon. If you've developed your contracts with Anchor, you'll be up and running in 30 seconds. If not, just give us a JSON schema of your program. No coding on your end, and no lengthy integration development on ours. Any program you index with us will be available for query via our API, and you can search, filter, and aggregate on any field. No need to deserialize client-side; your data will be ready in a human-readable format. We also provide enhanced websocket endpoints and account state archives! Configure watchers to alert you to abnormal transactions or account state. Use PagerDuty, a custom webhook, or both. Finding out about hacks and bugs on Twitter is cringe.

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