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Marketing & Communications · Full-time, Contractor
Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2024

Zeebit is seeking a core contributor to join the team in growing our player and community base.

Experience in web3 and/or gambling platform growth and strategy is desirable, but not essential. Aptitude and ability to think critically, graft and be pragmatic are more important in our mind.

We're looking for someone with the following personal attributes:

  • Highly motivated, willing to give the project 100% of their working mindshare. Willing to go "all-in" to bring to drive success.
  • Highly intuitive, with ability to think and assess opportunities using first principles, and develop mental models of substance when it comes to spend (cost, effort, brand, elapsed time, opportunity) vs expected value in return.
  • Highly conscientious and aware of the consequences of their communications — from growth, but also from a risk perspective. Someone who is continuously questioning how we’re presented to the world -- and taking ownership of this, and having pride in how the project is perceived from the outside.
  • Ideally this individual would have some experience of growing a community and/or player-base in the past. Formal marketing experience is not a must, but the individual must be someone who is a strong negotiator and capable of assessing and securing marketing and promotional deals and partnerships.
  • Strong communication skills are a must. The individual should have the ability to translate, distill and organize information across different mediums. A part of the role will involve working with a primarily technical team and overseeing the translation of this information to long form (docs), medium form (blogs, faqs, announcements) and short form (explainers, threads/posts). The ability to apply consistent messaging and build content around enduring narratives is a must.
  • Ability to develop a deep understanding of Zeebit's target community and players. Develop, execute and measure acquisition campaigns.
  • We're looking for web3 “good vibes”. The individual should have a playful sense of humor, and be atune to web3 "degen" and gambler culture. The successful individual should be effective in identifying and exploiting trends, memes and viral opportunities.
  • The individual should have an interest in crypto culture, web3 ethos and the gambling product landscape. They should have a natural inclination to keep an ear-to-the-ground on opportunities and incoming challenges or shirts in market dynamics.
  • This individual must be willing to be ‘the face’ (not literally, can be pseudo anonymous if preferred). They will be expected to represent the project on AMAs, Twitter spaces, interviews, as required.
Zeebit is an equal opportunity employer.

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