Digital Artist Advocate

Render Foundation

Render Foundation

Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2024

The Render Foundation is seeking a passionate Digital Artist Advocate, ideally with a background in 3D animation, to help expand the Render Network by actively participating and contributing to the art community. This role is perfect for an emerging artist eager to connect with others in the Octane community, showcase their work, and spotlight fellow artists through engaging video content.

About Us

At the heart of the Render Foundation lies our commitment to fostering a vibrant, supportive, and innovative community of digital creators. The Render Network aims to revolutionize digital content creation through decentralized computing, providing artists with the tools and platform they need to bring their visions to life.

The Role

As a Digital Artist Advocate, you will play a crucial role in enhancing the Render Network's presence within the digital art community. By creating art, developing relationships with fellow artists, and producing videos that feature the work of others in the Octane community, you will help to build a more connected and dynamic network of creators.

What We're Looking For

A creative and enthusiastic individual with a passion for 3D animation and digital art. You should be keen on networking within the Octane community, eager to learn and grow as an artist, and interested in using your skills to promote and support other artists.

Key Responsibilities

  • Engage with the digital art and Octane user community, building relationships with artists and creators.

  • Create and share your own art pieces, utilizing the Render Network to showcase the potential of decentralized rendering.

  • Produce compelling video content that features interviews with, and the work of, other artists in the community, highlighting their creative processes and achievements.

  • Contribute to the growth of the Render Network by promoting its capabilities and encouraging other artists to explore its benefits.

  • Participate in community events, workshops, and online forums, serving as an ambassador for the Render Foundation and the Render Network.


  • Experience with 3D animation and a strong interest in digital art creation.

  • Excellent communication and networking skills, with a genuine interest in building community relationships.

  • Creative thinking and storytelling abilities, particularly in producing engaging video content.

  • Self-motivated and proactive, with the ability to work independently on projects.

  • A collaborative spirit, eager to work alongside a team of passionate individuals dedicated to advancing the digital arts.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Familiarity with the Render Network and its capabilities for digital artists.

  • Experience in video production, editing, and content creation.

  • Active participation in digital art communities, particularly those related to Octane Render or similar platforms.