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Software Engineering
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Orca is the most user-friendly AMM DEX on Solana. We’re looking for a full-stack engineer to accelerate the development of the Orca protocol. As one of the first DeFi apps on Solana, we offer a unique chance to shape the culture of a growing ecosystem. This is a flexible role that can include UI (React + TypeScript), backend server (Node), and SDK (TypeScript) development, depending on your interests. Bonus points for experience working with databases and devOps! If so inclined, you'll also have the chance to learn smart contract engineering directly from our cofounder Yutaro, who has written production smart contracts for widely-used DeFi projects on Ethereum and Solana. About our team: • A lean team of 6 senior contributors based across multiple timezones • Fully remote and location-agnostic • Passionate about bringing a human touch to DeFi What you'll do: • Build user-friendly, polished UI using React + TypeScript • Develop our open-source SDK and connect with other projects in the ecosystem to facilitate integrations • Learn and contribute to smart contract development, if desired • Provide input on Orca's roadmap and contribute to our lively remote culture • Spend most of your (work)day coding... on your schedule! What you bring • Experience building both web UI and backend APIs • Comfort making technical decisions with minimal oversight • Resonance with Orca’s brand values (professional, principled, and playful 🐳) • Excellent communication skills Bonus points if you have... • Used Orca for trading and/or liquidity provision • Participated in DeFi, especially the Solana ecosystem • An appreciation for cheesy marine puns Details of the role • Base salary of 150,000 USDC / year + future ORCA governance tokens, depending on experience App: https://orca.so Twitter: https://twitter.com/orca_so Telegram: https://t.me/orca_so Discord: https://discord.gg/nSwGWn5KSG Podcast: https://orcapod.orca.so Medium: https://orca-so.medium.com/ To apply: Send an email to [email protected] with the following: • CV & LinkedIn profile • What type of role you're looking for (full-time / part-time) • Short description of your background in DeFi and interest in Solana / Orca • Code samples / example project, if available • One interest/hobby you love to geek out about, so we can get to know you! Have more questions about this role? Give @Orca Team a ping in the Orca Discord. It'll be a splash! 💦
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