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Neon Labs
Neon Labs
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Full-time, Contractor
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About the job: Neon Labs is looking for a full-time Discord Community Manager to join our team. Neon Labs is building an EVM, one of the key products in the Solana ecosystem. Neon EVM enables dApss to harness advantages from both blockchains - Ethereum in terms of tools used, and Solana in terms of low gas fees and high throughput. We need a community manager that will About Neon Labs: We come from diverse professional backgrounds and are looking to continuously add individuals who are passionate about blockchains and defi and eager to tackle challenging tasks on a daily basis. Fostering a diverse and inclusive environment is at the top of our mind. Our international team is 100% remote. We are working closely with the Solana core team. Responsibilities: Running our Discord server Prepare content for Discord community Be a good coordinator Publish news, viral content, regularly; Work closely with Marketing and Development teams Prepare and hold AMAs; Stir up discussions on social media; Prompt response to comments Expected results: Build a viable discord developer community Increase the audience in the community Increase user engagement in social media, attract new followers; Increase brand presence on social media. Skills & Qualifications: Fluent English (C2 or native speaker); Blockchain background is a must (programming background is welcomed) Talent to quickly find smart and witty answers to comments; Good Communication skills; Be proactive on discord community; Our ideal candidate is passionate about blockchain and defi; Knows all the news and current memes/challenges of the blockchain market and is the first to share them with colleagues. Able to onboard writers and designers from the office, on the way home or on vacation in 5 minutes. Knows how to spark and uphold a discussion and how to answer any comment. Before writing about the product or some new feature, you have figured it out yourself, and only then shared it with followers. You have broad vocabulary and full comprehension of slang and expressions and can easily have a conversation with a native speaker; Self-reliant and proactive. How to Apply: Send an email to [email protected] with your: - a link to your Twitter/LinkedIn account - tell us why you want to join our team - let us know what is your favourite project among those that you’ve accomplished - let us know your hobbies - and please, mention your time zone - enclose a resume if it’s important to you or if you think it might help us learn more about you
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