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Clone Protocol

Clone Protocol

Posted on Friday, October 27, 2023
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About Clone

We are designed to revolutionize DeFi on the Solana blockchain.

Clone is the most capital-efficient synth DEX in DeFi, designed to bring deep liquidity and low slippage to new tokens on Solana. Liquidity providers can contribute to the protocol in hyper-efficient leveraged liquidity positions called “Comets”. Traders enjoy an intuitive UI that allows them to purchase their favorite tokens cheaper and faster than ever before.

More about Clone here.

About the Opportunity

The team behind Clone has already built the most powerful synth DEX in DeFi, with the ability to scale faster than any protocol to come before us. We have launched two devnet frontends, one to support liquidity providing and another for trading. We are just a few months away from launching on mainnet, and we are about to begin an ambitious campaign to grow our community through NFTs and gamification of our DEX. This will not just be another NFT mint, we have a grand vision of combining NFTs, DeFi, and gamification in a way that has never been tried before. In order to do this, we need the help of you, an artist who is creative, determined, and confident enough to help Clone find its image!

Your Responsibilities

👉 Create graphics that we can use for medium articles, X threads, community calls, and other promotional content.


👉 Fluency in English.

👉 At least 4+ year(s) of experience working as a professional designer/artist.

👉 A portfolio that will blow us away.

Nice to Have

👉 1+ year(s) of experience working in the crypto space.

👉 Being an active social media personality.

Perks & Benefits

No bullshit: We are a team that admits their mistakes and takes responsibility.

Exciting atmosphere: We are very ambitious and ready to adjust to the fast-paced crypto world.

Remote work: Forget relocations, we are a fully remote team.


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